08 Nov

You Don’t Know Jack (London)

  • November 08, 2016

‘Comedian’ Jack Barry (as seen on Channel 4, ITV2 & Channel 5, as heard on Radio 4) wheels out his 2016 Edinburgh Fringe show one last time, in London!

It’s early Sunday evening so you can go home and watch Netflix afterwards and it’ll be free so technically it’s better than Netflix.

No need for tickets, just turn up!

If this description hasn’t swayed you yet, here are some nice things people have said about my comedy.

“An inventive flourish behind his likeable banter… a distinctive wit that should make him one to watch” – Steve Bennett, Chortle

“Instantly likeable” – Three Weeks

“He has great charm and some lovely comic riffs. He is an engaging, natural comedy presence and I find myself looking forward to seeing him again.” – Kate Copstick

“Barry is so laid back he’s almost horizontal” – The List

“A pleasing, assured presence…a degree of skill that belies his youth.” – Fest

“An excellent young comedian who you might not have heard much about, but you will.” – Channel 5